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September 6, 2022
Podcast – The energy price shock is forcing a fiscal response
The impact of surging energy prices on monetary policy has been apparent for some while now but as the cost-of-living crisis intensifies, the real economy fallout is increasingly forcing governments to intervene with fiscal help. The team discuss the global picture.

September 6, 2022
September ECB meeting preview: Desperate times call for desperate measures
Having been surprised by the magnitude of the interest rate hike in July, the majority of investors now believe that the ECB is set on front-end loading its tightening policy as it tries to bring inflation back under control…[Read More]

September 6, 2022
High points for US economic data scheduled for week ahead
September 5 week was a full market close in observance of Labor Day making a sparse week for the economic calendar even sparser. This will allow plenty of time to mull over the August employment numbers from the prior week and speculate about the direction of Fed monetary policy…[Read More]

August 27, 2022
High points for economic data scheduled for August 1 week
The focus for the coming week is going to be data related to the labor market. To all appearances growth in the US economy is slow. The Bureau of Economic Analysis has reported a shallow economic contraction for the first and second quarters; early forecasts for the third quarter expect a return narrow expansion…[Read More]

August 22, 2022
High points for economic data scheduled for August 22 week
Most of the August 22 week economic data will probably take a backseat to anticipation of Jerome Powell’s speech about “The Economic Outlook” on Friday at 10:00 ET at the Jackson Hole Symposium…[Read More]

August 15, 2022
High points for economic data scheduled for August 15 week
The August 15 week has reports related to the housing market that will be important, but it’s the numbers on July retail and food services sales on Wednesday at 8:30 ET that are likely to attract the most interest…[Read More]

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